Press Mold

Press Mold | A press mold is a mold where you can literally press the clay together to imprint a design. You can do this by rolling the clay into a sheet. Use a roller to ensure the correct width. This also works with placing small pieces of clay directly into the mold. This technique is similar to working with casting clay. Molds for casting clay are often used as a pressure mold - as long as the molds are made of plaster. This makes it easy to take the clay out of the mold. 


Press Mold: cast mold and pressure mold

The difference between using a cast mold and a pressure mold is that you can not use a dense shape for a pressure mold. If you have your heart set on a dense shape using a pressure mold, you can do it by attaching loose parts after it comes out of the mold. You can also use the opposite shape with a pressure mold but not the casting mold.

You can also lay a slab of clay over a plaster mold. This technique allows you to create the inside of the shape you are trying to make. With a casting mold, you always need ‘walls’ in which the clay can be poured. 


Endless Decorating Possibilities 

What I like most about press molds and pressure molds is that your efforts are visible right away. For example, if the piece you’re working on has circles on it printed by the mold, you can see the circles before the piece is finished. This builds anticipation to keep working until it’s done. There are so many decorating options! 


About Atelier W

I love everything about clay and ceramics! Everytime I take a piece of work out of the oven and finish it, I feel such a sense of pride. It fills my heart with so much joy! I have a lot of experience with almost all ceramic techniques. I share this love with my students through workshops and courses. I make designs from cast clay myself - just another aspect I love! I get inspiration from my thrift store travels. I give bowls and pots that are ready to be thrown away, a new life by turning them into molds!


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