Ceramic Figures

Are you looking for the missing piece for your coffee table aesthetic or the most unique gift for a loved one? You have come to the right place! 

My name is Wietske, owner of Atelier W and I make ceramic pieces that even the pickiest of people will love! 

I make a lot of bowls, flower pots and figurines but no matter how many I make, each one remains special when I’m putting on the finishing touches. The pride I feel once a piece is complete is actually indescribable. It just makes me so happy to lay a piece down knowing that it’s complete and that I created it. 

Ceramics Objects: the Molds

All of the items you see on my website are made with molds. I make the molds myself, taking inspiration from all kinds of different decorative utensils I find in my thrift store travels. 

Below, you will find examples of my designs - all created start to finish by me! So much of my time and effort goes into each piece I create. I feel you can really see the love and care in each one. 

Figurines are all finished with a 12 carat gold luster. Everything you see is available for purchase here on my website! 

keramiek voorbeelden keramiek voorbeelden keramiek voorbeelden - 2

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Interested in learning to make ceramics?

In addition to my own passion of designing and creating, I also offer ceramics workshops and courses. Come and join a workshop or follow a course with me! If you’ve ever seen a beautiful ceramic figurine and thought, “I’d like to try that!” Then my workshop might be for you.

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