What is ceramic?

Traditionally, ceramics is a collective name for all objects made from fired clay. These can be vessels created out of necessity in every day culture or born from the desire to craft beauty. The most common examples of these are pottery, stoneware and porcelain, but can even include glass and diamonds. Ceramics are created by heating, often in an oven, and  sometimes in combination with pressure.

The Word Ceramic

The word 'ceramic' comes from the Greek word 'keramos', which means 'potter's clay' or 'work made of earth'. Culturally, skilled artisans prepared, shaped and dried their work. The fashioned piece was then baked at high heat and changed into a material known as ceramic. All kinds of tools and utensils were made in this way. Pots, crockery and sculpted art in porcelain, earthenware or stoneware, some known as fine ceramics; building materials such as bricks, pavers and tiles; and some sanitary products commonly called construction ceramics, which include washbasins and toilet bowls. 


Strong and Durable

Clay is the main raw material for both construction and fine ceramic products and most often the finished piece will be glazed for protection and beauty. Ceramic products are unique and desirable for many reasons. Besides its malleability, it is colourfast and resistant to severe weather conditions and to both chemical and mechanical loads. Its highly durable character and long, maintenance-free life only add to its admiration.



Through its pliable and sustainable nature, I find it very satisfying to work with ceramics. With clay in my hands, I can let my creativity flow. Sustainability is an essential theme for me. I keep this in mind throughout my entire creative process and when shipping orders for my webshop. As an extra measure, I have installed solar panels so that my studio can produce its own electricity. 


Love of Ceramics

I love all of the processes of ceramics - from modeling to mold making. Every time I open a mold it still amazes me at the beauty inside. But also the finishing process, the turning and inventing of beautiful colour compositions - adding the final touches. I enjoy each and every step and my hope is, through my designs, workshops and courses, to pass my love for ceramics on to you.


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