Ceramic workshop

Ceramic workshop | I have loved ceramics since before I can remember. Playing with clay, what could be better? I have followed many paths in my life, and thankfully I’ve found my way to what truly makes me happy: With my hands in clay, (re)creating pots, plates, and decorations. 


Ceramics Atelier W

I really love pottery and the entire creative process. From the composition phase and modeling of the clay, to choosing the colours and giving that special finishing touch. My favourite part  is the moment I open the mold, I am always amazed to see what’s inside! Each step of the way, I love to create and recreate. The attention to detail is almost meditative, I can get lost in my work all day. My sculptures are my gift to the world. A way for me to pass on my love for ceramics, and my vision for sustainable repurposing. With great pride, I can say that each and every item is handmade with love, in my very own ceramic studio, Atelier W!

Sustainable ceramic studio

Sustainability is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I try hard to live and work in a sustainable manner. I use locally-sourced materials out of Arnhem for my products and also my packaging. I do my best to make sure that the items are recycled, sustainable and biodegradable, and I reuse what I can. As a bonus, I have installed solar panels so that my studio can generate its own electricity.


Ceramics workshop: webshop

In my webshop you can look through the entire collection of ceramic decor. Handmade plates, flowerpots and delicate figurines, to name a few. They make a lovely gift for yourself or a friend!

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Ceramics workshop: workshop

I don’t only sell ceramics, I love to teach my art to others! You and a friend can join a workshop and try your own hand at pottery. Feeling that spark of joy? Follow a course with me in Arnhem and let’s create together!

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