Handmade ceramics

If you are looking for handcrafted ceramics, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Wietske and I create ceramic decor and pottery. Everything I produce is made by hand. I find a lot of inspiration by shopping in thrift stores and looking through the old mugs and knick knacks. I especially look for objects that other people woul want anymore. I use what I have thrifted to make a mold for my designs. I feel good knowing that at least one old cup or bowl has been given a new life.  


Handmade ceramics, uniform design

Although I make each design by hand, the use of a mold helps to produce uniformity and evenness in the shape. Still, items may have some variation, like a slight difference in the colour, pattern or shape. I do my best to prevent this of course, but it isn’t always possible. I consider that to be part of the beauty of handmade products: they are truly one of a kind.

Love of ceramics

I love every aspect of ceramics. From making the molds, to opening the molds, all while dreaming about what each piece can become. The entire process is really beautiful to me. 

The precise and intricate details of each design makes them truly unique. I love that I get to dream up the design and turn something most people find ordinary into something absolutely extraordinary. It brings me so much joy! I thrive on taking the time to think about every little detail. 

I take pride in creating these handmade treasures and hope that you can find an exquisite gift for yourself or a loved one all while appreciating the little details of something so near and dear to my heart. 

Buying ceramics

In the webshop you can see which ceramic decor and accessories you can buy: figurines, flower pots and wall hangers, among others. A chic addition to your home, or elegant choice for a gift. 

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Ceramics Workshop

Aside from making ceramics, you can also join my workshops or take a course with me. I offer these in Arnhem in my personal studio. Here’s an idea: sign up with a friend or two and try out a fun new hobby together! 

> Check out the workshops here.

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