Shopping for Ceramics? 

Buying Ceramics? Welcome to my online store, it’s so nice to have you here! My name is Wietske, I’m the owner of ceramics studio Atelier W. I make handmade ceramic decor and accessories. In my webshop you can find my entire collection of handmade ceramics.

Thrift shops are my favourite place for inspiration. I collect the mugs and bowls that no one else wants, take them home and give them a new life. 


Handmade with love

My ceramic products are each made by hand. As a result, items may have some variation, like a slight difference in the colour, pattern or shape. I do my best to prevent this of course, but it isn’t always possible. I consider that to be part of the beauty of handmade products: they are truly one of a kind.


My studio is located in the city of Arnhem, Netherlands. I use locally-sourced materials out of Arnhem for both my products and packaging. I do my best to make sure that the items are recycled, sustainable and biodegradable. As a bonus, I have installed solar panels so that my studio can generate its own electricity.


Ceramics webshop: the products

In my webshop you will find my entire assortment of handmade decorative and practical ceramic decor. Think about flower pots, wall plates and figurines. My sculptures are painted by hand and delicately finished. Look carefully at my figurines and you’ll always find a delightful element that is lustered with 12 carat gold. 


I use bowls and cups I’ve found in thrift shops to make the molds for my ceramics. I especially look for objects that nobody wants anymore and give them a second life in my design process. Personally, this gives a sense of recreation. It feels like my own sort of protest against today’s culture of mass production and waste. 


Purchasing ceramics from Atelier W.

Here are some practical things to know when shopping online with Atelier W:

  • Free shipping starting at € 75
  • My products are meticulously finished by hand, but you may always find some irregularities here or there, that is the nature of creating by hand. 
  • Delivery within 7 day for products that are in stock. 
  • Out of stock? We’ll get in touch with you via email about the delivery time (max 3 weeks).
  • If you are not completely satisfied, I’m happy to offer you an exchange, just send an email through our contact form. 
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